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Critical Home Repair Program!

Disaster Home Repairs

On September 28, 2022, Hurricane Ian devastated DeSoto County. The scope of devastation is immense. Currently, there are homes that were completely destroyed, homes with extreme flood damage, and homes so damaged that they are unsafe. Even for those who still have a standing structure to call home, many do not have running water, toilet facilities, a secure roof, or electricity. For some, there is no heat or air conditioning, and mold is a serious health concern.

Our immediate response in the community was to provide for the needs of our citizens and we are committed to serving families in whatever way necessary. Thousands of homes in DeSoto County received significant damage. DeSoto Habitat is working with homeowners, local government, and other agencies to complete the necessary repairs. Many families have been forced to relocate or live in unsafe conditions until the repairs can be completed. DeSoto Habitat has expanded our Critical Home Repair Program into a Disaster Repair Program to meet the needs of our community.

We are currently taking repair applications and working with homeowners to obtain the necessary paperwork which will ensure that they receive the maximum amount of assistance without a duplication of services.

Are you in need of a repair to make your home safe for your needs?

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